29 October, 2010


Everything you get in life has an 'END'. Like it or not, we need to accept it. Same rule applies to college life too. And one more : We never get to know the actual value of certain things unless it goes away from us. This is also true in this case. You people may be confused on what I am trying to convey but I just couldn't understand myself. Life takes various turns and in my life, engineering was a sharp one indeed. Through college life I have gained various opportunities, exposure, experience, and most importantly "FRIENDS". Every persons unforgettable moment in life will be an incident that happened in college. No one would ever tell college life was boring !
So I am no different. Fights, misunderstandings, problems, work are part and parcel of college life. Not to miss the girls !!! (lol). Now, as this semester comes to an 'END', for people like me who opted for open elective, this will the end of college life. Lots of lament, mourning, wailing has been done in Facebook, Twitter but I wanted to make a long lasting impression and wanted everyone of my friends to know what I feel.

** I feel so happy for meeting R.Ashwath, L.Abhilash, Vignesh D, Adithya, Harish R, Kamal, Suresh, Sandhya, Shiru, Bhuvana and Viji. Without these people my life in college wouldn't have been fun

** Thanks to dramatics which united us. If not for that we may not have become what we are now !

** Chota canteen talks. Everyone used to remember a place where they had fun. For us, it is the mech canteen alias chota canteen.

** Though we have had lot of misunderstandings between us ( A LOT), nothing has affected our integrity yet. I feel proud for it.

** Sessions in Ashwath rooms will remian cherished in everyone of us for sure. All credits to Suresh and Abhilash for keeping all of us entertaining.

** Our exam time comedies [ cannot forget KD's laughing spree before networks exam]

** Our dinner outings !

** Last but not the least, 'THE JOINT TRIP TO VELANKANNI". I never expected it to happen but it did. Had the time of my life.

Guys, I am so damn happy to have been a part of all these and thank each and everyone who has left a memory in my mind of my college life for which I will be happy just thinking of it. Whether we will be in touch or not after college life, this post will remain here forever and will remind us of the fun we had.

KUDOS GUYS........."NAMMA GANG" massssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I just didn't know why I started to write this but once I started there was no looking behind.

06 July, 2010

The mayhem at Kashmir

"What would you do if a 9 year old kid throw a stone at you ? ". May be you can tell him softly not to do so or scold him. But Border security personnel had shot a kid for pelting stones at him! This is highly insane and shows the inhuman attitude of the BSF.What ca be more cruel than this!!!! And during a curfew on 5th July the officials opened fire and killed 3 people and injured 70. If the same has happened in any other part of India, shooting would have not happened at all. Why is this difference? People of Kashmir are also citizens of India like people of any other state and why is that they receive such a worse treatment. And yet the government is not taking any steps in bringing back peace to Kashmir. It is high-time that our government should take steps to bring back peace to people of Kashmir and clear the hostile situation. When will the people at high positions consider the lives of Kashmiri people as their country men. What is more worse is the carelessness of the security force when a stray bullet hit a woman sitting near a window and resulted in her death. Life is precious ad priceless. The situation demands a greater change in the attitude of the people and the force. These killings will lad to a bigger riot which will result in further loss of life. Before that happens something concrete should be done immediately. I just don't understand the need of large force in a city like Srinagar which is away from the border. Having such large forces will create a tension among the mob and lead to various issues. One way of handling this is to tight the security along the border and stop terrorists from infiltrating into our Motherland INDIA and spare the lives of innocent peoples. When will the jewel crown of India - The state of Kashmir will regain the tag of 'White heaven'. The answer solely lies at the hands of the so-called policy makers of India.

21 May, 2010

The Extent of the so-called “Social Networking” sites

<b>Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace</b> are some of the sites which are pretty famous among youngsters now. The concept of Social networking was born in 1990's to keep in touch with friends and family but it has evolved a lot. As of now, they are used as a source of advertisement ad money making venture by luring in people to use their features. It has changes the face of the internet ad Facebook has become one of the most popular sites in the internet. This advent of extensive social networking bought a lot of problems along with it.

·         People become friends without knowing each others.

·         People waste lots of time on non-productive activities such as games, quiz, and so on.

·         Privacy problems.

·         Addiction to social networking.

·         Cut-off from the physical world.

There has been many problems and crimes reported because of Social networks. Kids are being blackmailed, bad company, money fraudulent cases, stress and strain and various other problems. To quote some:

1.       A girl form Bangalore has been blackmailed by two of her Facebook friends for money and she has been stealing it from her mom regularly to give those guys. One day she was caught red handed and a police complaint was lodged on the two guys who were just of age 16 and 18.

2.       A Mumbai girl sits in Facebook for almost 5 hours a day and had some 1500 friends in Facebook. She was under an emotional breakdown because her Facebook boy friend broke up with her and attempted for suicide.

I can just keep on giving even my personal experiences of waiting time in Facebook during exam, my friend wasting his whole time in his home playing a game in FB rather than spending time with friends and parents. The development of technology should be utilized for a productive work rather than this kind of time wasting entities. But I also don't tell that Social Networking concept is a goner. Everything has its own limits and we should use it in a correct manner. Last but not the least, to end this with a quote I choose a Tamil saying which says<b><i> "ALAVUKKU MERINAAL AMURTHAMUM NANJU"</i></b> (i.e.) Honey also turns into poison beyond a certain limit.

Post your comments.



09 April, 2010

Planning is the key to success: Time management

I am back with another post but this time I am going to deal with 'Time management'. This has become an important aspect of everyones life in this hectic world. In order to cope up with the stiff competition and never ending desires of the human mind, it is really not possible to achieve your goals without planning and time management. There is a famous quote - " A work which is planned is half done". Thus we must make plans before performing any task in order to succeed in it. It is better than spending ten minutes in working out a plan rather than doing the whole work again.
Everyone would have tried to make plans and to follow them at some point of their life, but many would have failed miserably. Commitment is what a person needs in order to follow their plan. In the beginning, one or two plans may fail, but you should you be determined not to let your next one fail. It can be done in a pretty simple way.

1. Note down your goals. A written goal has more success rate based on psychological factors.
2. Prepare a to-do list and check it once you have do the job.
3. Fix a long term goal, write it in a big piece of paper and stick it in a prominent place in your living room so that it motivates you always.
4. Do not over-plan. Planning ahead of one week is not practical.
5. Dedicate yourself to the process.
6. Write a dairy to analyse yourself.

These simple steps can give a great boost to the quality of your life. You tend to become a tie conscious person and will make use of available time efficiently. Also, “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow” - So ever delay your actions. Today is always better than tomorrow. So start planing and see the difference!

04 April, 2010

Break the barrier : SEXPLOITATION

Today, I was seeing some TEDIndia2009 talk videos. One talk by Sunitha Krishnan deeply influenced me. Her topic was SEXPLOITATION IN INDIA. She is the founder of a social organization called Prajwala, which helps trafficked woman and girls. She was very bold and was straight forward in putting her facts to the audience irrespective of the sensitivity of the topic. After seeing that I got an urge to contribute something to her cause and I decided to write a post.

Sunitha started of by showing pictures of three children of ages four, five and seven respectively and later told that these three were sexually exploited and were infected with HIV virus. That startled me to a great extent and I am sure it will to you also. This shows the cruelty of Indian men. How sex craving men are? To what extent they can go? All these questions have really disturbing answers and something needs to be done for that. Sunitha then told that she has saved around 3000 exploited woman and most of them have been infected with HIV. She then told that mostly every sex worker has been tortured to a great extent and those people are affected badly by that and are not able to come out of trauma easily. Also, an important point which she mentioned was the role of society in rehabilitation of such woman. The basic barrier to these people is the civil society who talks about these issues but never actually accept them as fellow beings. She gave an example of her friends who were working along with her in helping out woman. One day her mother became ill and she wanted a lady to take care of her and she asked Sunitha to arrange a woman and also said " I don't want one of our girls and please find someone else". This portrays the selfishness of human beings at a great level. It is just weird to see people telling various things but changing their decisions when it comes to them. She has rehabilitated many of these women by training them in welding, masonry, carpentry and other works which are generally considered to be done by men because these women have more will power to fight in the male dominant society. These women are working in many big companies now and making a living out of it. Finally she pleaded everyone to break the barrier and see them as one among us and not to see them as a victim or as a different person and also asked to pass on the information so that it creates awareness among fellow human beings.

Here is a You-tube link of her speech and interested people can watch it here.

29 January, 2010

The nature of human minds

It is more than a year since I made my last post. Those were days i had interest in computers and was full of energy. but slowly all the energy went away in due course of time. So now i return to post my feelings about my friend.
Friends are important part of life. I value my friends next to my parents. Friends help you the most in times of hardships. But sometimes, they are the creator of hardships in our life. When many people are against and you have your friend to support you, every problem can be tackled. But when our friend becomes the problem it gets complex. Thousand words that come from enemies don't hurt you much. A single word from a person who is close will shatter our heart so easily. I am telling all these because my mind is not at peace and it has been bruised by a good old friend of mine whose name i wouldn't like to disclose.
After all, life goes and you need to live it till your time comes. Awaiting comments.!!!

02 December, 2008

Mumbai terrorist ttck

On 27th of NovemberIndia faced another terrorist act which shook the whole nation. Terrorists carried out a well planned attack in various happening parts of Mumbai killing nearly 300 people. Hotel Taj, Oberai, Trident and Nariman house were targeted and terrorist held hostages for three long days. National security guard(NSG) commandos carried out the operation of killing those terrorist. many higher grade officers were killed in the operation. Also the terrorists first attacked the Chatrapathi Sivaji termnus first. The aftermath of the aact was massive and has caused huge loss to India.
Lets hope these never happen again.